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Zuker Trolling Lures

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1 [empty string] [empty string] Brown & White/Brown & Gold Feather N STK 0 7881 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13170 [empty string] ZF11 13170 [empty string] ZF11 0
2 [empty string] [empty string] Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Feather N STK 0 7882 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13171 [empty string] ZF14 13171 [empty string] ZF11 0
3 [empty string] [empty string] Rainbow Lime/Lime Feather N STK 0 7883 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13172 [empty string] ZF16LS 13172 [empty string] ZF11 0
4 [empty string] [empty string] Rainbow Silver/Pink Feather N STK 0 7884 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13174 [empty string] ZF17 13174 [empty string] ZF11 0
5 [empty string] [empty string] Mean Joe Green Feather N STK 0 7885 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13175 [empty string] ZF18 13175 [empty string] ZF11 0
6 [empty string] [empty string] Green & Yellow/Lime Feather N STK 0 7886 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13176 [empty string] ZF1LS 13176 [empty string] ZF11 0
7 [empty string] [empty string] Red & White/Pink & Silver Feather N STK 0 7887 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13178 [empty string] ZF4 13178 [empty string] ZF11 0
8 [empty string] [empty string] Blue & White/ Blue & Silver Feather N STK 0 7888 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13179 [empty string] ZF7 13179 [empty string] ZF11 0
9 [empty string] [empty string] White/Clear & Silver Feather N STK -1 7889 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13180 [empty string] ZF8 13180 [empty string] ZF11 0
10 [empty string] [empty string] Brown & White/Brown & Gold Grass N STK 0 7890 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13181 [empty string] ZG11 13181 [empty string] ZF11 0
11 [empty string] [empty string] Orange & Yellow/Lime Zukini Grass N STK 0 7891 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13182 [empty string] ZG17 13182 [empty string] ZF11 0
12 [empty string] [empty string] Blue & Lime Vinyl N STK 0 7892 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13200 [empty string] ZV2 13200 [empty string] ZF11 0
13 [empty string] [empty string] Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Vinyl N STK 0 7893 Zuker Trolling Lures [empty string] 13201 [empty string] ZV3 13201 [empty string] ZF11 0
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Zuker trolling lures  have proven to be effective on all different tuna species. Zuker lures varying construction featuring, vinyl, feathers, or grass allow the angler to choose a presentation best suiting the fishing conditions. Year after year, Zuker feathers have been the premier choice for locating and catching tuna.

 Warning - Cancer and reproductive harm WARNING 
Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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13 Styles Available

Zuker Trolling Lures Brown & White/Brown & Gold Feather Brown & White/Brown & Gold Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Feather Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Rainbow Lime/Lime Feather Rainbow Lime/Lime Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Rainbow Silver/Pink Feather Rainbow Silver/Pink Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Mean Joe Green Feather Mean Joe Green Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Green & Yellow/Lime Feather Green & Yellow/Lime Feather $9.49
Zuker Trolling Lures Red & White/Pink & Silver Feather Red & White/Pink & Silver Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Blue & White/ Blue & Silver Feather Blue & White/ Blue & Silver Feather $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures White/Clear & Silver Feather White/Clear & Silver Feather $9.49
Zuker Trolling Lures Brown & White/Brown & Gold Grass Brown & White/Brown & Gold Grass $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Orange & Yellow/Lime Zukini Grass Orange & Yellow/Lime Zukini Grass $9.99
Zuker Trolling Lures Blue & Lime Vinyl Blue & Lime Vinyl $9.49
Zuker Trolling Lures Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Vinyl Black & Purple/Purple & Silver Vinyl $9.49

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