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Nomad Dartwing 125 Floating 5" - 5/8oz

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One look at the Nomad Design DARTWING and you know you are looking at something totally unique. The Dartwing design has proven itself consistently on the most savage saltwater gamefish on the planet. The Freshwater Floating version is designed as a search bait to cover water and can be used fast or slow in a “walk the dog” style - no fish has seen a bait do what the Dartwing does. The revolutionary winged head design imparts mind-bending and totally unique top water action. Those wings th water not just forward but also to the side ensuring a splash profile not seen by even the most experienced trophies in your favourite waters.
Designed for super long casting, the nar body profile ensures better hook-ups when fish explode on the surface. Perfect for open-water power fishing, searching for the school or for targeted slow surface retrieves. It can be fished on flat calm water or slight chop and will attract fish from every pond, lake, river, or stream in the world.
Outfitted with super sharp BKK Spear hooks, HD ABS System and Triple Shield Protection in some of the best colours. Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch more fish.

WEIGHT: 5/8oz
DEPTH: Surface
ACTION: Floating “Walk The Dog Action”
USES: Casting

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