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Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Starter Kit 10pk

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Condense and organize long guns into a smaller space and access them easier than ever with Rifle Rods. Rifle Rods are a patented hook and loop based system that individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position (leaning, as required in standard gun racks, wastes valuable storage space).
This system allows you to stack your long guns as many as four s deep, freeing up as much as 50% additional space in your safe. The included Shelf Liner works in gun safes, closets, cabinets, or anywhere there is a shelf. The Rifle Rods measure 16” and will fit calibers as small as .22. Injection molded plastic Rifle Rods will not damage your barrel, and they work equally well for scoped rifles, shotguns or modern sporting rifles. Don't buy another safe, retrofit your gun safe today!
Rifle Rods Kit Includes:
Rifle Rods

  • Fits as small as 22 caliber (Smaller caliber Rifle Rods available: 17 Caliber - 2 Pack)
  • Total length - 16"
  • Injection molded plastic product
  • Ultra-sonically welded "hook fabric" coin on top

Shelf Liner

  • Industrial grade 100% nylon woven "loop fabric" - will not fray over time.
  • Required for best use with Rifle Rods.
  • For proper application, attach to wooden shelf with a staple gun
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