Gancraft Jointed Claw 303mm, Slow Floating


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Ghost Baitfish

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Largest body size in the jointed claw series. Super-Dreadnought presence.
The visual appeal of the overwhelming body size and the dynamic S-shaped trajectory boast a fish-collecting power that far exceeds the imagination of anglers.
It is designed not only to attract fish, but also to bring it to a bite, injecting joycroism into details, and to respond obediently to delicate rod work actions.
In terms of strength, which is one of the major concerns about lures of this class, it was also tested with targets that show fierce fighting not only in Japan but also overseas. A giant bait with all the features.

Type: Slow Floating
Length: 303mm
Weight: 9.3 oz
Color: Ghost Baitfish
Front Hook: Decoy YF-33F #4/0 Treble
Rear Hook: Decoy YF-33F #3/0 Treble
Extra Tail Fin Included

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