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Fishing Legend Assorted Hook Remover 3 Pack

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The red hook remover

1) Made outside of the USA

2) A three piece unit (often coming apart and leaving the ball in the fish)

3) Have to push and pull & twist to try to get the hook out (always killing the fish and leaving the fish and you bloody!!!)

4) Kids have unpleasant first time memories of fishing (Don’t want to go fishing ever again!!!)

5) Most fisherman end up cutting their line leaving hook in the fish! 

6) Most importantly they “JUST DON’T WORK”




The One and Only Hook Remover


Strong selling points

1) Made in the USA

2) A two piece unit (made of the highest grade plastic to last a life time)

3) Multi function custom metal clip

a) Clip the One and Only Hook Remover to your pocket

b) Turn clip to secure the One and Only Hook Remover to your line while putting your fish on the stringer. (Great feature for boats and float tubes to keep from losing in the water!!!)

c) Remove clip and clean slot of the One and Only Hook Remover (Great feature when using dough baits!)

4) Simply insert tight line in the One and Only Hook Remover slide down to hook! (the hook is out!)

5) Fast

6) Safe

7) Easy

8) Designed for quick catch and release (Keeps fish alive!!!)

9) Catch more fish!

10)  So simple even a kid can use them! (Great family memories!!!)

11) Use it on the shore, on your boat or your float tube.

12)  The One and Only Hook Remover


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