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Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods

 Item# CTX709XH

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$179.99 to $199.99

1 [empty string] [empty string] CTX709XH N STK 1 10894 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280665 YES CTX709XH 280665 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
2 [empty string] [empty string] CTX765ML N STK 3 10895 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280668 YES CTX765ML 280668 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
3 [empty string] [empty string] CTX767MH N STK 0 10896 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280669 YES CTX767MH 280669 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
4 [empty string] [empty string] CTX769H N STK 2 10897 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280670 YES CTX769H 280670 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
5 [empty string] [empty string] CTX805ML N STK 1 10898 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280672 YES CTX805ML 280672 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
6 [empty string] [empty string] CTX807MH N STK 1 10899 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280673 YES CTX807MH 280673 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
7 [empty string] [empty string] CTX809H N STK 0 10900 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280674 YES CTX809H 280674 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
8 [empty string] [empty string] CTX907MH (Turks Head) N STK 34 10901 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280675 YES CTX907MH 280675 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
9 [empty string] [empty string] CTX909H (Turks Head) N STK 17 10902 Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods [empty string] 280678 YES CTX909H 280678 [empty string] CTX709XH 0
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Californian Tri-Helix Composite Rods By Phenix

Phenix has been at the forefront of rod innovation in Southern California over the last few years and is amongst the top selling rod brands in America. These rods will be the perfect opportunity for our customers to own and fish a Phenix Rod without the hefty price tag. All of these rods are being made in the same factory as their in-line rods, using the same highly advanced materials.

The “Tri-Helix” is the method (layering of materials on the mandrels) and materials in which they are constructed and the “Composite” means constructed of Graphite, Glass, and Proprietary materials. These are not 100% graphite or 100% glass rods. These rods were constructed to be extremely durable yet lightweight with a tremendous amount of pulling power. The actions were designed to take advantage of Braided/Spectra lines and minimize the impact felt by the angler while fighting fish using these types of lines.

All the rod components are Phenix proprietary components that are used on some of their own factory rods. There are 10 models: 8 conventional with reel seats 7, 7’ 6”, and 8’, 1 spinning 7’ 6”, and 2- 9’ deck hand style rods (no reel seat). All of these models are based off of Phenix’s best-selling rods in their current lines. All rods feature small diamond heat shrink handles.

The warranty on these rods is the same as our current Californian-E series rods. It is a lifetime warranty with a 50% of retail replacement charge.

Model Length Line Rating Power
CTX709XH 7' 30-80 Extra Heavy
CTX765ML 7'6" 12-30 Medium Light
CTX767MH 7'6" 15-40 Medium Heavy
CTX769H 7'6" 25-60 Heavy
CTX805ML 8' 12-30 Medium Light
CTX807MH 8' 15-40 Medium Heavy
CTX809H 8' 25-60 Heavy
CTX907MH 9' 15-40 Medium Heavy
CTX909H 9' 25-60 Heavy


 Warning - Cancer and reproductive harm WARNING 
Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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9 Styles Available

Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX709XH CTX709XH $189.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX765ML CTX765ML $179.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX767MH CTX767MH $179.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX769H CTX769H $179.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX805ML CTX805ML $179.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX807MH CTX807MH $179.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX809H CTX809H $189.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX907MH (Turks Head) CTX907MH (Turks Head) $189.99
Californian Tri-Helix Casting Rods CTX909H (Turks Head) CTX909H (Turks Head) $199.99

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