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BALMSHOT has an advantage over our competition because our dispensers do not unintentionally twist or rotate while in a person’s pants pocket, jacket, purse or luggage.  Standard lip balm dispensers have a knurled disk base which turns and rotates very easy, allowing it to unintentionally twist and rotate while in your pants, jacket, purse or luggage…thereby mashing the balm into the cap, causing the cap to come off and damaging adjacent items with a gooey mess.  Most people respond, “Yes, that has happened to me too!

The solution is BALMSHOT!  Our innovative design creates a tighter fitting cap and firmer turning base.  Thus, BALMSHOT will only advance or retract if you want it too.  You are in control.

People that buy BALMSHOT share these common characteristics:

People who regularly use lip balms that want a high quality, no-mess dispenser.

People who want approved SPF sunscreen made in an FDA approved laboratory.

Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Campers, Hikers and Bikers.

Hunters and Gun Enthusiasts.

Anyone wanting to carry a “totally cool” lip balm in their pants or purse.

Just ask yourself, “Do I know someone that uses lip balm that would want BALMSHOT in their pants, jacket, purse or luggage?”  Yes, of course you do!


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