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 American Tactical Imports Gsg M1911 .22lr 5 Barrel Hover to Zoom

american tactical imports

American Tactical Imports GSG M1911 .22LR 5" Barrel

 Item# GERG2210M1911CA

rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0 3 Reviews


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When John M. Browning invented his classic pistol in 1911, he could not have imagined that for over a century it would remain the standard of excellence in the industry and reproduced by almost every arms manufacturer in the world.

The .22LR version developed by GSG retains the 1911's classic uniqueness along with exciting new technology and features, including several safety functions to meet today's rigorous standards. From casual plinking to competitive shooting, the GSG 1911 belongs in the hands of everyone who wants an excellent pistol at a great price.

Same Look and Feel as Full Size M1911
Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
Extended Beaver Tail Safety Grip
Compatible w/ Many Standard M1911 Parts

Caliber: .22LR
Height: 5.5 Inches
Length: 8.5 Inches
Weight: 34.4 Ounces
Magazine Capacity: 10RND

Material: Zinc Alloy
Finish: Black Anodized

Material: CNC Machined Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized

Low Profile Fixed Rear Sight
Includes 3 Front Sights (Low, Med, High)

Double Diamond Pattern

Length: 5 Inches
Material: Steel

Material: Aluminum
Design: 3-hole Skeleton

ATTENTION: Federal law requires that we ship firearms to an FFL dealer on your behalf. Federal law requires that you must be 21 years old to purchase handguns, firearm receivers/actions/lowers and pistol grip-only shotguns. In CA, buyers of long guns must be 21 years old unless exempted by law. Check your local laws for any restrictions before ordering. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on firearms. Additional items ordered at the same time as firearms will be shipped to the billing address. Pricing on firearms does not reflect governmental or dealer fees for mandated background checks and/or dealer transfer fees; these fees will be charged by the FFL dealer you select during the checkout process. See FFL dealer for details.


 Warning - Cancer and reproductive harm WARNING 
Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Average of 2.66666666667 customer reviews: rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0rating 3.0      Write a Review

Huntington Beach, California
February 2015

Not so good
2/5 rating 2.0rating 2.0rating 2.0rating 2.0rating 2.0

Age Range: 45-54
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: Less than 1 month

I recently purchased one of these for two reasons, several online reviews raving what a great little gun this is and the cost factor, the on sale price matched closely what an American 22lr conversion would cost for my 1911. It was a disappointing experience at the range, on average 2 out of 10 shots would fail. We barely managed to push 250 rounds through the gun. The most common failure was Stove piping followed by Failure to Feed properly, I also encountered Failure to Eject and Double Feed situations. Unfortunately I only hand one kind of ammo on hand, Federal 40 grain, copper plated solid, 1240 fps. Which has excellent online reviews as a high quality ammo. The range was completely sold out of 22lr ammo as well. When I came home, I thoroughly cleaned the gun and closely inspected the gun. I cannot see any obvious signs of a problem. I will go back to the range, once I find some different kind of 22lr ammo and see if these problems persist.

Los Angeles CA
February 2015

Best Plinking/Range Gun
5/5 rating 5.0rating 5.0rating 5.0rating 5.0rating 5.0

Age Range: 35-44
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: Less than 1 month

I bought this gun about 3 weeks and ago and took it directly to the shooting range and the gun performed flawlessly! I ran some 22lr HV along with Standard Velocity CCI and it never jammed and ejected every round properly. I shot a total of 400 rounds combined with excellent results! I think the trick is before shooting it take it apart and clean it. I used Break Free CLP and it got the job done! This thing is awesome and accurate! I highly recommend it to any one that loves to shoot!

Tustin, CA.
June 2017

MANY misfires
1/5 rating 1.0rating 1.0rating 1.0rating 1.0rating 1.0

Age Range: 65 and up
Gender: male

Ive had this gun for over a year. From the first time I shot it, it had constant misfires. FTF, FTE, type I, II and III, a unique one where the slide got totally jammed half way back. I tried several different types of ammo with pretty much the same result. Finally I sent it back to ATI. They were very good about it, no charge, fast turn around and replaced several parts. SAME result! The last time at the range 2 weeks ago, I had 2 to 3 misfires and jams EACH 10 rd magazine.

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