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Welcome to the Bragboard

Lake Havasu Striper Derby


Later that morning I caught back to back 5 pound stripers in minutes. We caught 10 fish that weighed 54 pounds that day. All fish were caught on Gamasu hooks and maxima line with Okuna bait casting rods and reels from Turners on Claremont Mesa. It was a fantastic weekend of fishing and we finished with a 2 day total weight of 95 pounds for a 2nd place finish among 115 teams.
Dan McMahan

On May 16th, 2013 my fishing partner Bill and I from Chula Vista drove 7 hours to Lake Havasu to compete in the 30th annual Western Outdoor News Striper Derby. The weather was hot 102-104 degrees and so was the striped bass fishing. On Saturday Bill caught the first striper an 8 pounder and we finished the first day with 8 fish for a total of 41 pounds. We left for our fishing spot on Sunday at 3:30 am and began chumming anchovies around 4:15. At 5:20 Bill caught the first fist a 6 pounder.

pig fish







"William Patterson (12 Year Old Hunter)"

He shot a Doe in the morning with my cousin, then went down to the Lake and caught his first catfish. He then went out in the afternoon and shot his first Wild Turkey and then shot a nice 8 point buck.  I really need him to start picking my lottery numbers.

B.J. Patterson

My son 12 yr. old William Patterson is officially a hunter.
In 2012 he shot his first pig, he shot his first California Buck; then at my cousin  place in Texas the day before Thanksgiving he had what maybe the greatest day ever.




"Chris' Monster Carp"

Another great purchase at Turners was my Caddis Navigator II that has gave me years of float tubing fun n produced numerous great catches like this beauty! Thanks again

Chris Houck

My name is Chris Houck of Garden Grove and I caught this monster at Irvine Park on 6/6/13 using 4 lb P-line, 5' Kencor rod n a Shimano Stradic 1000 targeting carp, I puchased all of my gear including #10 Owner Mosquito hook which held at your Orange store!  Thanks Brad!!!!



"Dan's First Tom"

Hey guys, first off love your store.
Here's me with my 1st Tom Ever!!!! In fact this is the first animal I've ever harvested. I live in Hermosa Beach, CA but this was taken in Los Padres National Forest. 21lbs, 11 1/2" beard, and inch long spurs!  I was more stoked than I've ever been. To get it we stalked more than we called which I liked.  I used a Mossberg 535 Turkey/Water fowl  combo that I purchased from Turner's in Torrance and was more than pleased. Thank you Turner's

Dane Piai







"White Sea Bass"

Caught my first White Sea Bass, on the back side of Catalina in May 2011. My gear was a Shimano rod with a Diawa reel. Both purchased at your San Bernardino location.







"Dillon's Gets His Second Buck"

Hi, I'm Dillon I'm 14 years old and I have been hunting with my dad for 7 years, I got my hunting lic when I was 9 and started big game hunting 2 years ago at age 12.  My first year dear hunting I got skunked, last year I shot my first buck in X-12, it was a small forky but I was very happy to get one.  This year we returned to the place my dad has been hunting for 20 + years.  It's a wilderness area in D8, always a long hike in and a very long trip out with a buck.
On opening day we saw this buck bed down on a ridge, stalked to within 150 yards and in the middle of a severe Thunder storm with marble sized hail he stood up, I shot and missed, mostly cause my scope was covered in ice and water, my dad had the same problem, and the buck ran away.  Man, I was so down on myself, but my dad stayed positive and said we would see him another day - boy was he right!
On Monday the 26th, the weather was alot better and we headed out at first light, most other hunters had gone home and we had the area to ourselves.  My dad bought me a Savage 308 with a short barrel for my 13th birthday from Turners and we reload Barnes TSX lead free bullets.  My dad is a good shot and has 3/4 inch groups at 100 yds, mine are usually a little bigger, but needless to say my rifle shoots good.
We didn't see anything until about 930, when my dad spotted a buck about 1000 yards away, we headed downhill in his direction hoping to get close enough for a shot, but we never saw him again. At 1130 we started back up the hill, but my dad suggested a "new" way back, so up we went.  It's real steep here and it takes a long time to climb these hills, and my dad stops alot to look around.  As we crested the ridge my dad told me to sneak up and look around real good before walking, I did just that and when I looked around a bush, this buck was staring right at me - The same one from opening day - I froze.  My dad came up, saw me standing still and asked what's up?  I whispered to him there was a big buck staring right at me 75 yards away.  My dad peaked around the bush and the buck started running down hill. I shot at him as he ran away from my left to right, then my dad fired - we both missed.  He was running with a doe and a fawn so we had to be careful not to hurt one of the other deer.  Man this deer was running fast down hill, my dad reloaded and fired again but missed, I fired what could only be the last chance shot when the buck was directly down hill running away and got lucky.  My dad shouted "You got him, I saw him flip!"
We watched the spot he dropped for a few minutes and then headed down the hill.  My dad was right, he was down, I shot him in the neck at 200 + yards, I could not believe it!  My dad was so proud of me, we tagged him, took some pictures then took care of gutting him and heading back to the truck.  It was a long day, I shot him at 1200 and we did not make it back to the truck til 4:00.  Thankfully, we had two extra guys with us and they helped get my buck home.
I just want to thank my dad, my friends and Turners for making this a successful hunt.
Dillon J.

"Megan's First Boar"

Hi my name is Megan Choi, my dad is an avid hunter and I’ve tagged along on hunts with him and my Uncle since I could walk. I was coming up on my 12th birthday and as a special gift my dad offered to take me to his friend’s ranch in Paso Robles on my first Wild Boar hunt. I was so excited we went straight to Turner’s in Fountain Valley and signed up for the very next Hunters Safety course. After getting my hunter safety certificate, it was back to Turner’s Outdoorsman to buy my first license and pig tags. The next day we got on the road for our 4 hour journey to Pig Country. When we arrived, we put up our tents and
un-packed all of our gear. Before the Afternoon Hunt we went up to a canyon behind camp and took a couple shots to make sure my Rifle was zeroed. As dusk approached and temperatures became a little more bearable we got ready to go out. That day we didn’t see anything except a huge rattlesnake and a lot of pig sign. The second day, my Dad woke me up at 4:30AM. We were hoping to see more activity in the cooler hours of the day than we experienced the evening prior. We got all ready and walked out to a small canyon right by where we were camping. 

We sat there for about thirty minutes until it got light enough to see. Out of nowhere, a young boar trotted out of the brush. He was rooting around, eating and walking in and out of the brush. I was really worried that he wouldn’t stop moving long enough for a clean shot. The minute that thought entered my mind he stopped broadside giving me the perfect shot. My adrenalin was pumping, my heart was pounding and I couldn’t feel anything. I quickly found the pig in my scope and waited for my dad to signal me. “Shoot” he said. After that I squeezed the trigger and hit the pig a little higher and further back then I wanted.

I quickly reloaded my 260 and found him in my scope again. He was down, but my dad told me to be ready.  As I watched through the scope he jumped up. Luckily I was ready and fired again. This time I hit him perfectly and he was down.  We waited fifteen minutes and finally walked over to see my Boar. He was good sized about a hundred-twenty-five pounds and had one inch tusks. My dad drove the truck over we tagged him and headed to camp to get started on all the hard work. I want to Thank my Dad for a memory I’ll have forever and All the Guys at Turner’s Outdoorsman for Hooking us up with all our gear.

Megan Choi
Fountain Valley, CA

"Bill's First Pig"

Good Morning Turner's:

Here is a pic of the pig I shot on Friday, 15 July 2011.  My wife and I were hunting with Carissa Plains Outfitters in Santa Margarita, CA.  Ethan Twissleman was our guide.  He glassed a group of about 12 pigs at around 1,000 yards.  We got downwind of them and the stalk was on.  

I crept over a hillside and saw this sow, (the biggest one in the group she weighed about 130 pounds).  We were angling toward each other and closing the range; when I was about 60 yards out I figured it was as good as it was going to get.  I dropped to a kneeling position, thumbed the hammer back on my Marlin Guide Gun, shouldered the rifle and clicked off the safety; I settled the cross-hairs, took a breath, let a bit out, then held it.  I pressed the trigger and let the big 300 grain Barnes TSX bullet fly.

 Smacked her broadside while she standing still looking in my direction.  She dropped like a ton of bricks right on the spot. The rifle is my Marlin Model 1895 Stainless Guide Gun in .45-70 Gov't caliber.  I purchased it at Turner's Outdoorsman in Chino Hills.  This is the first pig I've harvested.  We've already been back to the store looking for new rifle for my wife!    


Bill Mazelin
Chino, CA

"Steve Takes" Gappy" With One Shot"

My brother and I were hunting turkey on opening weekend near the Cleveland national forest. We both had Remington shotguns purchased from your stores. I have the 870 Express and my brother the 887 Nitro Mag in camo. On opening day, we called in a Tom, however he had a hen and he never fully committed to close the distance to our decoys. He stayed just out of range in full strut while his hen investigated our decoys. After 10 minutes, the birds slowly moved on. It was an amazing show, but also a big let down.

The next day started off in a very similar way. We approached our spot, set up our decoys and I let out a crow locator call. Big old Tom responds and it was time to get cover, because he was close. We are almost 100% sure it was the same couple who came by the day before and if it was not them, they followed the same approach techniques. The hen came in first and the Tom held up out of range in the trees. This game of waiting for the right moment, for the perfect shot felt like forever for me as I called behind an old oak tree. My brother, whom was mounting his gun at the time, had his arms and legs fall asleep from holding still for so long.  While I was calling and my brother waiting for the shot, five deer come out of the tree line and made their way next to the hen and they held up stubborn Tom. As the deer got more in the way, they finally winded us and took off for the trees. At that moment we were so nervous that the deer would bust the fragile connection we had with this hung up Tom. The turkey was not disturbed by the fleeing deer and in fact, both hen and Tom moved in on us. My brother made the perfect shot to top of one great hunt!

Alan Sheppard
Brother Steve is showing off "Gappy" the bird with a 9-inch beard!!!


"A Double For Father & Son"

Spring Turkey season is in full swing.  I took my son David out for his first turkey hunt with an Escort 20 gauge youth shotgun and my Benelli Nova bought at Turner's Claremont Mesa.

Our day started at 4:30 AM.  He was very tired from waking up early.  We got to the hunting spot and were right next to the roost tree.  The turkeys responded immediately to our calls from the roost and we were able to hear the fly down.  He was so excited that he could not hold his shotgun steady!

As soon as they left the roost, we heard the gobbling, it was about 10 yards infront of us. Unfortunately, the gobbling got further and further away as the sun rose.  We got out of our blinds and could see 2 Toms and one Jake with 5 hen at about 300 yards away.  They were not interested in our call. 

We thought the day was over and drove away when I spotted a hen in the open.  We came back to the spot and threw out some calls.  After about 2 hours of waiting, I heard a gobble.  We moved closer under the covers and saw a hen approaching us.  I sat my son down behind a tree and told him more hen and Toms will follow.  Sure enough, 4 hen passed by followed by 2 long beards and one Jake.  I told my son to take the first Tom and I will take the second.  After a count of three, we landed a double, a 10” beard Tom and a large Jake.  A double for father and son!

Phil T, San Diego


"David Bandy's Yellowtail"

I purchased this California Tournament Series CT76MHC 7’6” rod from Turner’s in Chino Hills to use for Calico Bass at Cedros Island, Mexico.  I had a small backlash in my reel so I dropped a 5” swim-bait under the boat as I pulled off about 30 yards of line to clean up the backlash.  To my surprise, a 20 lb yellowtail decided it liked the look of the swim-bait and took me for a wild ride.  As you can see in the picture, the tough little bass rod was doubled over for the 20 minute fight and held up wonderfully.    I landed the yellowtail and brought it home for the family to eat.  Thanks Turner's for a great rod at a smoking price!

Upland, CA


"Roger's 2-Day San Pedro Trip"

First let me thank Vlad at the Turner's in Reseda for making my trip possible.  Your service to ready me for a 2 day boat out of San Pedro was great.  Braided line and top shot suggestions was spot on.  I want management at Turner's to know he is an ASSET to your business.  He is courteous, and friendly, and I chuckle at his humor.  It's an experience I expect when I walk in the door, serious yet fun at the same time, a talent.  Thank you again Vlad! 

DFG has mandated restriction of no Reds at San Nicolas Island, but Lingcod opener was good to very good.  No huge Lings but nice keepers.  Whitefish were hefty though.  The best catches were Sheepheads!  Nice size and kept deckhands busy with the gaff.  Always that lonely Halibut hit the deck at end of the trip. 

Thanks to the skipper and crew of the First String for a great experience, the chef threw down a Prime Rib dinner Saturday evening that ROCKED!  May I have MORE guacamole please.

Roger H.
Canoga Park, Ca.


Send in a photo, preferably a jpeg or tiff image of your best catch or shot. Tell us all about it. How it was done?, what was used? Where did you get the gear from? Hopefully you got it from us. Tell us when and where you were fishing or hunting.

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